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学科: 数学/物理/生物/经济/化学/心理/计算机



1. 根据CAIE(剑桥大学国际考试委员会)或AP(美国大学理事会)大纲用英语教授相关的A Level和IGCSE或者AP课程。

2. 布置适当的作业,及时地批改作业。

3. 辅导学生,准确地保留学生学习进程记录。

4. 定期为学生准备学习报告。

5 积极地和家长取得联系,告知他们孩子的学习情况。

6. 按学校的要求参加会议(例如:家长会、员工会议及招生活动等)。

7. 辅导和管理25-30个学生(中教可能需承担班主任工作)。

8. 为学生申报大学写推荐信,并给他们提供指导。


1. 相关专业硕士或以上学位。

2. 良好的英语表达能力,能够用英语教学相关课程。

3. 良好的团队合作能力。

4. 尊重不同的文化。

5. 喜欢和孩子在一起,献身于教学工作。

6. 有国际课程教学经验者优先。


Bilingual Subject Teachers (Maths/ Physics/ Biology/ Economics/ Chemistry/ Psychology/ Computer Science)

Location:Shanghai, Tianjin, Wenzhou Zhejiang Province


1. In accordance to the CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Examinations) or AP(College Board) syllabus, teach relevant A-level and IGCSE subject course or AP course in English.

2. Assign appropriate homework and correct homework in a prompt manner.

3. Supervise students and keep an accurate record of students' learning progress.

4. Prepare students' periodic school reports.

5. Contact parents and discuss their child's progress in a positive manner.

6. Attend meetings as requested (e.g. Parents' meetings, staff meetings, as well as any other appropriate meetings/ promotional events), as may be reasonably required, at the discretion of the school.

7. Supervise and manage a group of 25-30students.

8. Provide reference letters and possibly guidance services to students for their university applications.


1. Master’s degree or above degree in relevant subject area.

2. Good command of English, can teach relevant subject in English.

3. Good team player.

4. Respect culture diversity.

5. Love to work with Children and committed in teaching.

6. Teaching experience in International Curriculum is a plus.