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1. 负责光华国内夏校科创课的部分教学工作,包括课程设计、课堂教学、课前准备、助教沟通等,确保夏校


2. 熟悉教学内容包括:科技创新、设计思维、跨学科学习、升学规划等。

3. 课程辅导和答疑,评价学生的课后作业/任务并出具课程评价报告。

4. 完成营地安排的其他任务,如活动执行等。

5. 需用英语作为教学语言。


1. 英国G5/美国TOP30或海外同等排名院校硕士或博士学历。

2. 工程类相关专业优先(机械工程、电子工程、计算机工程、AI等)。

3. 具有1年以上青少年教学经验。

4. 英语达到母语水平,会中文者优先。

5. 形象气质俱佳,口语流利、语音语调标准,热爱教育事业。

6. 有爱心,责任心,了解青少年学习者的需求。

7. 熟悉西方教育体系和教育方法。

8. 有良好的沟通及团队协作能力。


薪资:250-300美元/天,可面议 (光华负责机票、签证、住宿和餐饮)



Science and Technology innovation instructors for summer schools in Guanghua Innovation Camp(GHIC):


1. Responsible for part of the teaching duties for science and technology innovation courses in Guanghua Inno summer schools . This includes course design, classroom instruction, preparation before classes, communicating with the operation team and TA, etc., ensuring a high-quality students experience and classroom environment for summer school sessions.

2. Be well-versed in teaching content that encompasses technological innovation, design thinking, interdisciplinary learning, and college counseling.

3. Provide course tutoring and Q&A sessions, evaluate students' homework/projects, and produce course evaluation reports.

4. Fulfill additional responsibilities as assigned by the campsite, such as facilitating activities etc.

5. Utilize English as the medium of instruction.


1. Master's or Doctoral degree from a UK G5/US TOP 30 or an institution of equivalent  international standing.

2. Preference for candidates with a background in engineering/STEM related majors (such as Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Science, AI, etc.)

3. Possess more than 1 year of experience in teaching teenagers or leading summer camps;

4. Fluent in English at a native level, candidates who are bilingual in Chinese will be given priority.

5. Present a professional image with excellent spoken English, including standard pronunciation and intonation, and have a passion for education.

6. Demonstrate compassion, responsibility, and an understand of the needs of young learners.

7. Have a thorough understanding of Western education systems and methodologies..

8. Have good communication and teamwork skills;

Project Time: July to August 2024

Salary: $ 250-300 per day, negotiable (Flights, visa, residence and meals will be provided by GHIC)

Project location: Shanghai or Tianjin, China