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Teaching and educating people is probably a word with a sense of weight. In Liu Cixin's short story "rural teacher", rural teacher inadvertently saves the earth with the help of the inheritance of knowledge, and the teaching profession is unintentionally given too much meaning. It is undeniable that teachers are a profession that needs to be pursued. Three feet platform is not only the carrier of teaching knowledge, but also the intersection of two kinds of life.

Ideally, a teacher is more like a "polyhedron" who needs professional knowledge, teaching, research and teaching skills, and can play multiple roles at the same time. In September, we usher in the 36th teachers' day, and share with you the true stories of some teachers of GUANGHUA.

Why choose to be a teacher

Some people are looking forward to the winter and summer vacation, others are inspired by the teacher who once lit up their own, but the most important answer is the sense of achievement accompanying and witnessing the growth process of students. The teacher is like a catcher in the wheat field, witnessing the wheat seedlings from the young green onion seedlings to the golden rice ears. This sense of achievement is unparalleled.

Seeing the limitless possibilities in young people can help them realize their life ideals and fight side by side. Understanding and worship are the most wonderful points in the relationship between students and teachers.

For this question, @GUANGHUA ACADEMY FuXixi said, "Why become a teacher? Because campus is a huge field of inspiration, as long as the way is right, students can play their own strengths and bloom their own light. " As a teacher, I believe that sincerity can be changed, and we can get in touch with the latest ideas. It can bring unexpected surprises to all the people who have their own advantages and skills together. Thank you for your happiness and happiness, let me feel that everything is worth!

Witnessing the growth of students is powerful. @Xiao Fan, a teacher at GUANGHUA ACADEMY, who has been teaching English courses for Grade 9 and grade 10, said, "the students in the ninth grade class have been naughty from grade 9 to grade 1. Now that grade 10 is coming to an end, they have become calm and lively. As their English teachers, they are not confident in their pronunciation, worried about making mistakes, and can't speak out. They can show themselves confidently and generously on the scene of English public speeches, speak with eloquence in debate competitions, and achieve remarkable results in standardized examinations Their growth and progress, let me feel gratified, but also urge me to continue to improve teaching."

the gift and card students gave to Mr.Xiao

In some people's impression, it seems that a good teacher who can live in town needs to have two faces: soft and smooth before entering the classroom and standing on the stage with no words and no smile. @Zou Haiyan of GUANGHUA ACADEMY had different experience in a school Christmas

The student union held the "campus guardian angel" activity, the whole school students blindly draw to realize each other's Christmas wish. On the day before Christmas, a cute antler clip and note appeared on my desk, "just a little wish, please wear this on Friday class". Happy, I also worry about wearing it will not be too "rigorous", damage the image of the teacher. After a brief tangle, I decided to put down the "burden" of the teacher. At the moment when I entered the classroom, cheers came, and the whole class was lively and substantial. This incident let me understand that a good teacher has no fixed label. Seriousness is not the standard configuration of a good teacher, but heart is.

When more and more post-90s become the main force in the teaching profession, they should be familiar with each other's language system and learn to break into the "enemy" in the process of getting along with the Post-00 generation. @Zhang Yaoyao, a teacher in the International Department of Ruian middle school, made a self-made stickers, and gave corresponding punishment or encouragement evaluation according to the completion of students' compositions, so as to draw the distance between students and students in this way.

Miss Zhang use this to check the homework

the postcard students from RuiAn wrote to teachers on the teacher's day

@Yancheng foreign language school senior three students' confession to the teacher: this year is destined to be an extraordinary year for international examinees. Our teacher still meticulously completed the teaching task during the epidemic online class, and won the praise of all parents and students. For the students of class 2018, there is no expression of gratitude to the teacher. Even if we take online lessons at home, teachers also strictly require us to complete the learning tasks, and make up for the weak students in our spare time, so that we all achieve the expected score in the model test and get a relatively satisfactory as score. On the occasion of teacher's day, eight of our students gave their transplanting green plants to their favorite teachers. Thank you for taking good care of us like seedlings.

A group photo of teachers and students in senior three of Yancheng foreign language school on Teachers' Day

Besides grades, students have found an ideal teacher-student relationship here. Fang Yiyang, an alumnus of @ Guanghua Cambridge, who is now studying in Oxford University, realizes that all my classmates in GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE are full of confidence. There is no test ranking here. Teachers will not measure students' ability by scores. Teachers will not treat you as a pet or a clown who has fallen out of favor. In addition to learning awards, as long as you have a bright spot, teachers will see and encourage it for the first time.

How to be a qualified teacher?

Teacher's work is a job to realize self value and improve self ability. An excellent teacher is a complex of many professions. In the first vocational class of GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE, Shi Yi, vice president of GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE, pointed out that it is not easy to be a good teacher loved by students: in addition to professional knowledge and professional qualifications of teachers, it is also necessary to have the internal drive to constantly improve themselves, to constantly acquire teaching skills and experience, to communicate with students, parents and colleagues, and to teach students The ability to understand. "

@He Yue of GUANGHUA ACADEMY thinks that modern education has essentially evolved into a kind of "training". Its purpose is to be competent for a certain occupation through special intelligence training, so as to make education shrink into the appendage and tool of occupation. This is by no means real education. Real education should include the love of wisdom, which is related to human soul, because "education is the education of human soul, not the collection of rational knowledge and knowledge". If a kind of education fails to touch the human soul and cause changes in the depth of human soul, it cannot be regarded as education.

To grow from a novice teacher to an old teacher, each teacher has his own unique growth Code and methodology. @Liu Dan, a high-tech teacher of GUANGHUA ACADEMY, said that as a "rookie", you should be conscious. If you don't understand, don't know and don't know clearly, you should always feel uneasy and ask for advice on wechat and in the office.

I am grateful that our teachers are so lovely, kind and patient. If you have any questions, you must answer them. You can even share with me the students' learning situation and the difficulty of controlling the knowledge points with me. Although the road to work and school has to span Putuo-Xuhui-Yangpu, the experience of self-help travel in Shanghai every day is really exciting. However, the teachers of the administrative and logistics department worked overtime day and night to carry, purchase and clean, making the campus with nostalgic filters turned into the present situation that parents and students are satisfied with. We are looking forward to improving the puzzle of "GUANGHUA ACADEMY".

As the helmsman of a class, two babys' father and the head teacher, GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE mathematics teacher Gao Yang, who is good at explaining life with mathematical theories, has his own unique understanding of Education: to be a father and to be a teacher, we should give all our efforts and treat them sincerely; we should have equal communication and respect for our personality; we should be strict and take good care of them. In my mind, the role of the head teacher is similar to "field" -- a suitable field can make each particle find a suitable position in it and move, and this movement is autonomous; the greater the field strength, the stronger the autonomous motion of particles.

To be a qualified teacher, solid professional ability is indispensable. In GUANGHUA, being a teacher and a friend is the experience of the students. The teachers abandon the "nanny style discipline" and let the students learn to be independent and self-taught, enabling the students to grow up. @Shi Xinchao, the treasure teacher of GUANGHUA QIDI, is known as "super brother" and "physics Fairy". His wit and humor make many people fall in love with his class, and even fall in love with physics that they once wanted to give up. Students can always learn the charm of learning in his funny language and understand the tips of physics learning; outside the classroom, he will also convey the overseas learning experience in a way that students like.

@Guo Yuchen, alumnus of GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE: the teachers of GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE work harder than the students. They teach each other without reservation. When I took the CIE test of as, they gave up rest and worked overtime to make up for our lessons. Although lightsaber is seldom managed by teachers, there is a steelyard in every teacher's heart, which can not only let us learn well, but also let us play well. If possible, I will also be a teacher after graduation, with the teacher's open-minded, optimistic, positive character to infect and help more people.

@Tian Hui, English teacher of GUANGHUA ACADEMY: I joined GUANGHUA after graduation at the age of 24. When I was with you who were nearly ten years younger than you, I didn't feel there was a generation gap at all. I was happy with your growth, and I also felt the "sweet burden" of an old mother when you made mistakes. No matter it is the gentle instruction, or the stern reprimand, I believe you understand, all hope you do better yourself. "Dream big, do small" together in the future.

Good teachers don't have templates and standard answers

But good teachers have something in common——

Pass on the wisdom of life and cultivate the ability to do things

Let students have the ability of lifelong happiness

Happy Teachers' Day